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Lethal Honor: A Dark Mafia Prequel (Sample)

  CHAPTER 1 Kenzo “And yet, you frequent the Gilded Stage,” I say. The conference room falls silent. The bastard up front—let’s call him Mr. CEO —is redder than a set of brake lights. Sweat instantly covers his forehead, his hands quivering at his sides. Everyone in Vegas knows the Gilded Stage—one of the only nude strip clubs with an alcohol license in the entire metropolitan area. “The Gilded Stage. Off of Sammy Davis Jr. No?” I laugh. “You were just boasting that you spend half of the company’s profits on homeless shelters. I had no idea that all of those strippers were sleeping overnight at the club.” He stutters as he fixes his jacket: “A-ah, w-well, if that’s it—” He straightens his posture. “Let’s finish up for today. Thank you for coming to the quarterly stockholder’s meeting.” I chuckle to myself as the other stockholders line up around Mr. CEO. A few of the business suits give me side-eye, but I keep to myself— for now —and whistle Heart’s Barracuda . Technically, I am a st

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