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Innocence & Ashes Sample Chapter

CHAPTER 1 three years earlier Vincent A low buzzing came from inside the break room. I knocked on the doorframe and waited. It had been my idea to give her the job, but only because my brother was supposed to be around to deal with her. Instead, I had to keep asking her to cover funeral directing.  It was just me. Picking up the pieces.  A grunt erupted from the occupant, followed by a mumbled, “Come in.” The new employee held an electric shaver in her hand, long strands of dyed-gray hair spread across the floor. The side of her head looked like a lawnmower had destroyed it. A round table was shoved against the wall, and a sleeping bag was stuffed in the corner by the window. The bag of toiletries I had put together from my uncle’s old things rested on the countertop. It wasn’t much, but it was better than sleeping in the mausoleum.  “Can you cover tomorrow too?” I asked. Her pinched face softened, realizing I wasn’t there to reprimand her. She slid the buzzer onto the countertop and w

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