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His Twisted Game Sample

PROLOGUE five years earlier Fiona “You’re coming out this time, right?” my roommate asked, sitting on the bed next to me. I yanked my earbuds out, pausing the recorded lecture.  “Got to study,” I said. “You know they’ve got tons of man-candy there?” She shoved my shoulder playfully. “You could use a real-life person and not a toy for once…” I wasn’t the one who owned seven of those things; I had one, thank you very much.  “You’re the one who needs a real person!” I shouted. “At least come be my wing-woman.” She gestured to our housemates in the other bedroom. “They suck at it.” A new library assistant position had been posted back home, and I had promised myself that if I aced my biology final, I’d actually apply for it this time. It was all about balance; get good grades for your career, then reward yourself with your dream.  But I had passed the midterm. I was already on the right track.  Maybe I deserved a break. And honestly, a real person in the bedroom sounded nice too.  It wa

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