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Cheers to 2022!

Did I accomplish my goal of publishing 12 full-length new books in 2021? No... Not at all. I did, however, publish ten new books, which is two more than the previous year. And I put out two boxsets, which don't count toward my goal, but are still awesome.  This time, my goals for 2022 are simple...  1) Start selling signed paperbacks. I hear this is popular with readers, and I've already ordered swag to go with it. A few readers have asked about it, but it's been so surreal to think that people actually want  to buy signed books from me. So strange... Like I see my sales and page reads, but it's weird to think that I'm actually doing my dream of writing for a living, you know? So it was easy to put off, but Jo McCall, an awesome fellow dark romance author, inspired me to actually go for it.  2) Write a free novella as an incentive to subscribe to my newsletter. It will probably be connected to the cigar/boot worship club from the Dangerous Command, and since it&

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