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Series Updates

This post is mainly for the ARC readers who read ARC of  Broken Surrender. For those of you who are curious, but haven't read Broken Surrender,  it is the first book in my new secret society dark romance series, titled: The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series.  After I started what I thought  was book two in The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series , I realized that I was adding on all of the secret society plots. The story didn't need it. In fact, all of the extra murder plots were just getting in the way of the core story, an issue that revolved around a family. I had this gut feeling that something was off--you shouldn't get bored of murders when writing dark romance--but I was completely bored! And confused! Anyway, I pushed through to chapter six, but as I did so, I realized something... Wilder, the main antihero, had a brother. And that brother was very interesting. He deserved his own story. So, with these two things swirling in my mind, I had a choice to make: Do I keep the se

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