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Progress & The Afterglow

Today, The Afterglow: The Complete Series boxset went live on Amazon! It has lots of good kinky fun, including high protocol (a favorite of mine!), pet play, and good ol' sadomasochism. The first book, His Toy,  is a revenge story, which will always have a special place in my heart because Zaid is dreamy. <3 (And the ending was a surprise to me! A very good one at that.) The second book, His Pet,  is a very new adult forbidden romance, that focuses on graduate school drama, and yes, it's definitely a nod to my own new adult days in Las Vegas. <3 (I love and miss Las Vegas. Can you tell?) The third book,  His Pain,  is a stalker story, which has the most traditional-ish-hero of my antiheroes. (In other words, if you like your antiheroes to lean heavily on the redeemable side, Grant in  His Pain is your man.) I wrote The Afterglow Series early in 2020, before writing The Dahlia District Series and The Adler Brothers Series. There are a few reasons why this is important

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