I finished the rough revision of Surrender to Me, and it's almost 34k words. Novels are typically 50k, and at their smallest, 40k. But I don't plan on fluffing it just to make it to 50k words. I want to write the story as it's meant to be told, not some fattened up version just because of a rule written by the Writerly Writers of the World.

In that revision, I rewrote Poppy's backstory three times. At first, she was upset over a wedding cake. Then she was a potential murderess over a dream she had. Finally, she was menacing in a subtle, creepy way, and of course, that's what stuck. But it's interesting to me how that part of the novel evolved. I wrote the wedding cake as filler; it worked for the whole getting-it-onto-the-page-so-we-can-move-on thing, but after that? I couldn't stop thinking that it was a stupid reason for her to end a relationship. & of course, it wasn't just about the cake, but the cake was the catalyst, but not a good enough catalyst.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts when you get to those sections. But for now, I'm going to celebrate and drink a mid-afternoon glass of wine. It is Emma's naptime, after all.