Mini Teaser from Chapter 1 of Surrender to Me

“I don’t want you back,” I said before my heart would word-vomit anything else.  Better to rip the bandaid, get it out of my system, make sure we were not on that path. “You mean nothing to me,” I lied.

His silence was eerie, like he was reading my mind. Each second that ticked by made my skin crawl, knowing that he could see right through me. I rolled my eyes, trying to stay strong, and faced forward, avoiding his gaze. 

“And that’s why your lips parted and your back muscles tensed as soon as I walked into the room,” he hummed.


First chapters are always the hardest. I must've rewritten the first chapter of Yield to Me from scratch at least four times before finally settling on the published state. So, as you can imagine, it was a pleasant surprise to begin the revision process of Surrender to Me yesterday and to think, Wow, this is not bad! This is actually kind of good... 

And so the revision process has begun. I resume today with chapter three. Wish me long naptimes for Emma so that I can be as productive as a venti iced coffee will let me be!