Misery, Angsty, and Good Ol' Fashioned Comic Relief

About thirteen thousand words into drafting book three in the Dreams of Glass series, I turned to my husband.

"I don't think I like working on a series," I said. "It's too long with the same characters."

"Just finish it. Then you can work on standalone novels."

I agreed, but decided to take a break from drafting. Instead, I've been editing Surrender to Me and submitting reveiw requests for Yield to Me, and thinking about why I didn't like working on the third book. I realized it's not the series format that bothers me; it's the constant misery and angst in Riley's life that is so. damn. draining. But that realization helped birth an idea...

Start the cameras, light the lights! Roll out the red carpet for that break in misery--introducing Clay's girlfriend!

Well, she's already introduced in Surrender to Me, but my plan is to make her into a semi-main character in book three. She'll be the breath of fresh air that the book desperately needs. After all, this isn't a pity party. This is a break from reality. It should be decently fun to read.