The Good, the Bad, and the (Gorgeous!) Cover Reveal

The good news is that Surrender to Me, book two in the Dreams of Glass series, is finally here. The revision is complete and the cover has been done for ages, (check out my husband's amazing work below), so now I'm off to bugging Kai (hubby) until we get the content files together.

The bad news? Well... I'm thirteen thousand words into book three in the series, Love Me, and I pretty much have to start from scratch. I mentioned the problem with the overwhelming amount of angst in the draft so far in my last post, and sadly I've come to realize that it's not a go-back-and-change-a-few-lines-sort-of-thing, but a complete overhaul. I'm confident that the change is necessary and will be better for my readership in the long run. After all, if I don't enjoy writing it, why the hell would anyone enjoy reading it?

Anyway, enjoy the cover, and check back for an excerpt from book two soon!