The Inspiration Behind Rourke's Reasoning

Hello dearest readers! You clicked the link in the back of my book because you wanted to read about the inspiration behind Shattered. First off, can I say, thank you? Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my book. It kills me that people actually want to read my books, and the fact that you want to read about how Shattered came to be? My ghost has just died too. (Double death!! I'm in the murderous Halloween spirit.)

Anyway, let's get into it!

*steps on soap box*

While Shattered is entirely fictional, the statistics Rourke states in Chapter 9 are true. (Source 1 & Source 2) Many sex workers fear legal prosecution, and therefore do not turn to law enforcement when they’re abused. 

I'm sure you're thinking, Yeah, that's totally not cool and all...But what does that have to do with the birth of Rourke?

Throughout my twenties, I worked in various types of sex work. The sex industry has always been close to my heart. (Thus creating the fictionally infamous Dahlia District!) I believe strongly that the decriminalization (not legalization, nor regulation) of prostitution is something that needs to happen in order to protect basic human rights. 

I've had friends who did sex work by choice, and were assaulted while on the job, but felt that they couldn't go to the police. And sadly, one of my friends was truly sex trafficked, and couldn't go to the police when her pimp beat her, pistol-whipped her, and threatened to murder her. The only course of action she felt she could take, was to hire a private investigator, and as far as I know, that led nowhere. 

I'm lucky that I never had those experiences. But I still believe that the only true way to get protection for those who do any kind of sex work, is to decriminalize prostitution, so that no worker is afraid to go to the police to ask for help.

So, let me say that again... The decriminalization of prostitution is something that I hope you'll keep in the back of your mind, if you ever see it come up in voting ballots.

If you'd like more information about sex workers' rights, here is a link to porn performer Siouxsie Q's Patreon. (I did write porn performer. Click at your own discretion!) She's always putting out fantastic information on sex work and advocating for sex workers' rights. (And she's really cute!) The Sex Worker Outreach Project also has great information about how the decriminalization of prostitution can help sex workers achieve basic human rights.

And you can reach me at if you ever, you know, want to chit chat about sex work, kink, or dark romance. (Email me!!! I love hearing from you!!)

Thank you for reading.

*steps off of soap box*