Series Updates

This post is mainly for the ARC readers who read ARC of Broken Surrender.

For those of you who are curious, but haven't read Broken Surrender, it is the first book in my new secret society dark romance series, titled: The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series.

 After I started what I thought was book two in The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series, I realized that I was adding on all of the secret society plots. The story didn't need it. In fact, all of the extra murder plots were just getting in the way of the core story, an issue that revolved around a family. I had this gut feeling that something was off--you shouldn't get bored of murders when writing dark romance--but I was completely bored! And confused! Anyway, I pushed through to chapter six, but as I did so, I realized something...

Wilder, the main antihero, had a brother. And that brother was very interesting. He deserved his own story.

So, with these two things swirling in my mind, I had a choice to make: Do I keep the secret society aspect in a novel that clearly doesn't need the extra plot, and therefore push forward and add another book to the secret society series, so that Wilder and his brother both get their own books? 

Or... Do I remove the secret society aspects of the second book, start its own series, and continue The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series at a later date?

As I was mulling over this decision, I got this ARC review from a reader who has read quite a few of my books. I am thinking of her as a complete blessing--for her honesty and continued support. Thank you, you know who you are: I did mostly enjoy this book but it twisted and turned so frequently it did end up being a little confusing. OK overall.

And that ARC reader helped me make the decision. I read all ARC reviews, even the DNF comments, and I take them seriously. I try to learn. And I wasn't going to push forward in a book where the extra subplots just didn't make sense.

Therefore... The next book I will be publishing will still be Wilder Feldman's story, title TBA. It is separate from The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series, and will instead be the first book in The Feldman Brothers Series. His brother, Sawyer, will get his own book immediately following.

As far as The Marked Blooms Syndicate Series and Broken Surrender goes, I have changed Wilder's name in that book from Wilder to Finn Carter, whose family owns an in-home euthanasia service. I know Finn's character (he's like Wilder, and Axe, and Rourke, and Vincent... the detached villain-antihero type!), but I'm still stewing over his story. 

Which is to say... If you like my detached villain-antiheros, you will like Wilder Feldman. :D