Revising My 2023 Goals

Yes, you heard that right! I am revising my goals for 2023. I... may have... gone a bit overboard... *laughs nervously*

First off, there will be no more mini monthly goals. As much as I liked this idea, it's just too much to keep track of. Once I publish this post, I'll be ceremoniously deleting the reminder notifications on my phone. 

Anyway, let's get on with the new goals!


New 2023 Writing Goals

1) Finish & Publish This Current WIP

Now, I haven't published a new full length novel since November... And it hurts. I'm not sure if it's writer's block, fear of failure, moving houses, or just general procrastination, but I haven't been able to publish anything I'm happy with for months now, and that's just not like me!

I think this current WIP--we'll call it ACLM--is going fairly well. I'm trying a new method, inspired by a fellow author friend. I used to write the first draft as fast as I could, so that I could see all of the bones & try to edit from the sky view, but this time, I'm trying to edit as I go. It's slower, and it's hard, tbh. Change sucks. But I think there will be less complete rewrites after I send this off to beta readers. Crossing my fingers, anyway.

2) Write A Horror Erotica Novel

I've had ideas forever, but didn't think there was an audience for it. After the amazingness of social media and encouragement from Bookstagram & BookTok friends, I've realized there is an audience for it! So why not write that one story I've been simmering for over a fucking decade and finally get it out there?

But again, change is hard, and this would be a horror, not a romance. It's going to be challenge, but I'm looking forward to it. 

3) Revise Dice's Story & Rebrand The Endo-kai Mafia Series

To be quite honest, I published Dice's story when I wasn't happy with it. Inside, I knew something was wrong, but I was too scared about losing pre-order privileges and put out something I didn't love. My beta readers worked hard and gave such good feedback, and I revised again, and again. I cried, and cried, and cried. Not even joking. I thought about quitting altogether multiple times. Sweat. Tears. And lots of words later... And I still ended up lying to myself & publishing the book anyway. In the end, I'm just not happy with it.

Dice deserves better. He deserves a full length novel. He deserves more depth.

I also want to rebrand the Endo-kai Mafia Series with "Dangerous" in the title so that readers know that all of the "Dangerous" titles are part of my mafia universe. With this, I am considering a crossover between the Adler Brothers and the Endo-kai... Stay tuned. 

With that, I also want to add a little more to the prologue. It's missing something... I just have to figure out what that is. (If you've read the prologue and have some ideas to flesh it out, please tell me! I am all ears!)

4) Start A New Series

I've got an idea for another interconnected series, but this time, centered around the adult entertainment world. Three books, three (adult) content creators, and three HEAs. I already sort of know the idea for the first book, & vaguely know the characters for the other two books, but we'll see. They're there. They're simmering. We'll see what happens. 

As a side note, I think series have begun to intimidate me. After Cunning Lies basically failed & I subsequently fucked up with Violent Truths, I've been so hesitant to write another series... But I have faith in this one. It's low commitment and has a really great premise. I want to at least start on it this year.


Things I Want To Hold Myself Accountable For, But Aren't Really Goals.

1) Limiting Social Media Time

1 hr in the morning, 1 hr in the afternoon, with the exception of posting TikToks later in the day--the algorithm just favors me in the evening. In the mornings, I'll work on editing the TikTok posts, and in the afternoon, I'll focus on responding to comments, giving love to my Facebook group, and posting on Instagram. Also, if I get any paperback orders, that afternoon hour will be when I pack & ship those lovelies. I'm also considering doing a once or twice a month "live" session on TikTok... Not sure yet. Is that a thing readers enjoy? But anyway, if I do "live" sessions, it'll be that afternoon hour.

2) Delegation

I talked with my therapist about this for a long time yesterday. I'm so fucking grateful that my books have been doing better each year. It's 100% a dream come true. Honestly! I've wanted to write stories since I was a kid, and I'm doing it!

However, that also means that there is a shit ton more to the business side of things. I want to do it all myself... I like having my hands in things. I like getting to know readers. I like handling it my way so that I know things get done the right way.

But it's cutting into my artistic/creative time, and I can't have that anymore. I need to write. It's my passion, and I've been focusing so much on the business side of things that I have been putting it off!

So this starts with going back to an ARC service. I've used Booksprouts & BookSirens. Any favorites out there? I am open to suggestions!

3) Gratitude Chats With My Family During Dinner

If you read my original 2023 goals, you probably remember that I wanted to write in my gratitude journal every day... Well, that failed, hah. But I keep hearing that it's important to make sure that your kid feels comfortable talking to you about the hard stuff, and part of that is going through what sucked about the day, not just what was good about it. 

We've been keeping up with this. I ask my daughter, "What was your favorite part of the day? What was your least favorite part of the day?" Then after she answers, she asks her dad/my husband, and he asks me. It's a good way for us to connect in a low-key way, while also practicing gratitude. At least, I think this is what we're doing? I like it a lot so far. 

4) Take An Author Business Class IF I HAVE TIME

There's an online class I'm eyeing, but I'm not sure if I'll have time. I'd like to, but who knows... *sighs*

5) Minimalist Closet Challenge

This was part of my original mini goal for March. I'd still like to try it at some point during the year, but I'm not sure when.


I know this was kind of dry, so thank you for reading! If you have any ideas, comments, concerns, questions, let me know! <3