ARC & Beta Readers

If you would like to join my ARC team and receive a free advanced copy of my books in exchange for a voluntary and honest review, please follow me on Booksprout or BookSirens, or email me directly at with your preferred ebook format.

Length of Draft: half of the novel or more, depending on the project, briefly edited
Duration for Feedback: 3 days
Compensation: a retail copy of the completed novel
Position Description: I am looking for beta readers who can read half of a novel (or more, depending on the project) and give feedback within three days. The novel will have been through one round of initial edits. I welcome any feedback (concerns, comments, suggestions, predictions, desired scenes, confusing phrases, plot holes, inconsistencies, pacing issues, etc.). I also ask specific questions about the reading experience (Examples: First impressions on the antihero? First impressions of the heroine? What do you predict for the rest of the book? etc.) Beta readers receive ARC copies of the finished book, but are discouraged from leaving a review (as that could potentially be seen as a biased review!). Once the book is live, I  also send an official eBook copy of the completed novel. 
     Please note that beta reading changes the experience of reading the final version of the book, as you will have read earlier drafts. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pull apart which details belong to which draft. To some people, this process will be exciting and fun, and for others, this process may ruin the experience. Please consider this before inquiring. 
     Finally, I would like to get to know you before working with you, so please be patient with me. If you are interested, please email me at with an example of your feedback.

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