Subgenres & Tropes

All books, subgenres, and tropes are listed alphabetically.

By Subgenre / Trope

Arranged Marriage

  • Cunning Lies

  • Dangerous Silence


  • Broken Discipline

  • Crushed (female main character)

  • Dangerous Silence

  • His Brutal Game

  • His Toy

  • His Twisted Game


  • Crushed

  • Devoured

  • His Pain

  • His Pet

  • His Toy

  • His Twisted Game

  • Love Me (not a standalone)

  • Ruined

  • Surrender to Me  (not a standalone)

  • Yield to Me (not a standalone)


  • His Pain


  • Cruelty & Fire

  • Dangerous Deviance

  • Dangerous Silence

  • Ravaged


  • Cruelty & Fire (mortician)

  • His Pet (professor/student)

  • His Twisted Game (boss, sister’s brother-in-law)

  • Innocence & Ashes (mortician)

  • Surrender to Me (benefactor/student);  (not a standalone)

  • Yield to Me (benefactor/student);  (not a standalone)


  • Cunning Lies

  • Dangerous Command

  • Dangerous Deviance

  • Dangerous Silence

  • Lethal Honor (short story prequel)

  • Ravaged

Secret Baby

  • Love Me (not a standalone)

Secret Society

  • Broken Discipline

  • Broken Surrender

  • Broken Queen

Serial Killer

  • Crawl

  • TBA 2022 - H

  • Shattered


  • Crawl

  • Cruelty & Fire (not a standalone)

  • TBA 2022 - Hitch

  • Innocence & Ashes (not a standalone)

  • Shattered

By Book

Broken Discipline: secret society, assassin

Broken Surrender: secret society

Broken Queen: secret society

Crawl: stalker, serial killer

Cruelty & Fire: stalker, captivity, forbidden (mortician)

Crushed: billionaire, assassin (female)

Cunning Lies: mafia, arranged marriage

Dangerous Command: mafia

Dangerous Deviance: mafia, captivity

Dangerous Silence: mafia, captivity, arranged marriage, assassin

Devoured: billionaire

His Brutal Game: assassin

His Pain: billionaire, bodyguard

His Pet: billionaire, forbidden (teacher/student)

His Toy: billionaire, assassin

His Twisted Game: billionaire, forbidden (boss, sister’s brother-in-law), assassin

TBA 2022 - H: stalker, serial killer

Innocence & Ashes: stalker, forbidden (mortician)

Lethal Honor: mafia (short story prequel)

Love Me: billionaire, secret pregnancy 

Ravaged: mafia, captivity

Ruined: billionaire

Shattered: stalker, serial killer

Surrender to Me: billionaire, forbidden (benefactor/student)

Yield to Me: billionaire, forbidden (benefactor/student)