Trigger Warnings

Note: All books contain kink. To keep things organized, kinks are not listed here; they are listed on the kinks list. If you have a kink that is a trigger, (such as blood play, spice on top of a corpse, necro play, etc), please check the kink list as well. 

Broken Discipline: heroine with children, gas lighting, graphic violence, dubious consent, blackmail, domestic violence, trauma, disease, drugs, assassin

Broken Surrender: blackmail, sexual assault (minor, adult, both by secondary characters), murder, drugging, dubious consent

Broken Queen: trauma, sexual assault (of the heroine by secondary characters, when she was a minor), rape (of the heroine by a secondary characters, when she was a minor), graphic violence, mass murder, cheating (a secondary character cheats on the heroine), irredeemable main characters, dubious consent

Crawl: serial killer, graphic violence, stalking, dubious and non consent (subjective), stalking, irredeemable main characters, sexual assault (of the heroine by secondary characters, as a minor), cheating (heroine’s ex cheats on the heroine)

Crushed: trauma in flashbacks, graphic violence, murder, assassins, sex work, dubious consent

Cunning Lies: graphic violence, sexual abuse (by secondary characters, between family members), interrogation, torture, dubious consent

Dangerous Command: heroine with a child born from rape, sexual abuse (by secondary characters, between family members), graphic violence, murder, dubious consent

Dangerous Deviance: assassin, brain washing, cult vibes, physical and sexual abuse (of the heroine by a secondary character), trauma, sibling death, grief, memory loss, dubious consent

Dangerous Silence: captivity, body mutilation, torture, graphic violence, murder, virginity, age gap, physical assault (when the antihero was a minor), dubious consent

Dead Love: stalking, destruction of property, murder, drugs, virginity, smothering parents, manipulation, disease (mother, brother), suicide (brother), graphic violence, car crash, dubious consent

Devoured: sex work, age gap, drugs, murder, dubious consent

His Brutal Game: sex work, sexual assault, physical abuse (of both main characters by secondary characters), family rejection/abandonment, trauma, dubious consent

His Pain: trauma, stalker (by a secondary character), trauma (child neglect of heroine by parents), clear consent

His Pet: forbidden teacher/student romance, parental death (disease), pushing limits with safewords, age gap, clear consent

His Toy: sadistic antihero, missing sibling, captivity, trauma, physical abuse (of the antihero by a secondary character), trauma (child neglect of heroine by parents), clear consent

His Twisted Game: stalking (by a secondary character), graphic violence, murder, torture, drugs, dubious consent

Hitch: non consent, dubious consent, consensual non consent, blackmail, graphic violence, murder, drugs, trauma, physical assault (of the antihero by his father, when the antihero was a minor), sex work

Love Me: final book in a trilogy (not a standalone), secret/accidental pregnancy, murder, stalking (by a secondary character), clear consent

Ravaged: captivity, graphic violence, murder, parental neglect, parental death, suicide (of a secondary character in flashbacks), sex work, dubious consent

Ruined: virginity, manipulation, sex work, dubious consent

Shattered: sex work, serial killer, stalking, murder, graphic violence, domineering mother, anger issues, dubious consent

Surrender to Me: happily-for-now (not a standalone), sadistic antihero

Violent Truth: parental abandonment, child abuse (full chapter flashback with physical and emotional abuse, which ends in the brutal murder of the abuser), emotional abuse (parent abusing heroine, quick flashback), murder, graphic violence, torture, sex trafficking, abduction, non consent

Yield to Me: cliffhanger (not a standalone), other woman drama (no cheating, just jealousy), other man drama (sex with a secondary character on the page), parental death, clear consent