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A psychopath doesn’t love. He possesses. 


When you lose interest in a possession, you get rid of it. As I become bored of stalking innocent Rae, I decide to end her life. 


But then she shows me the truth: underneath that good girl disguise lies a deviant little monster. 


She reminds me of myself. 


I wear a mask to hide who I am; Rae hides behind a normal façade every single day. She’s capable of so much more than she realizes, and that potential intrigues me.


A new challenge falls into place.


Can I make this girl hurt others like me? Yearn for blood like me? Kill like me?


I won’t stop until I find out. As long as my girl amuses me, I’ll let her live. 


And when she no longer interests me, I’ll discard her. 


Author’s Note: This is a horror story with explicit content. An extended content list is located on the author’s website. Reader discretion is advised.

My Girl eBook

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