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The complete dark secret clubs romance series full of plot twists, alternative spice, disturbing darkness, and five Happily-Ever-Afters!


When my rival and I make a bet, I indulge. Whoever takes Haley’s innocence will win the other’s business, and I intend to win. I will corrupt her, destroying everything she holds sacred.

Because in the end, Haley’s innocence will give me power, and her life will be ruined.


Some call me a serial killer. Maybe that’s true. I get rid of the customers who abuse working girls, and I enjoy every gory second of it.

But when Melissa frames me for a murder she committed, I should kill her. Instead, I harvest the carnal urges inside of her, forcing her to face her own depravity. And once she fully embraces the darkness, I’ll never let her go.


Scarlett is an assassin and I’m her target. It’s amusing, but it doesn’t stop me from craving her darkness. I become obsessed with controlling every inch of her. Bending her to my will. Drowning her in my degrading desires. 

I’ll crush her plans to kill me, and when I’m done, she will be completely mine.


To prove myself, I’m put in charge of the mafia’s latest captive. As the days pass, Teagan’s captivity intrigues me. Each time I indulge in her body, my mind rages with tenderness and violence.

But then, I’m ordered to kill her.

Teagen is mine, and if I have to turn my back on my own family, then so be it.


As the new owner of the Dahlia District, I will make the club more prosperous than ever before. But Iris has a different plan. She wants the club to stay female owned and operated, and she refuses to give up. 

So, we make a bet. If she can convince me of her submission, I’ll give her the club. But if she fails, she’ll leave the club forever. In this game, I’ll devour Iris’s body, mind, and future. And when I win, there will be nothing left of her.

Author’s Note: This series contains manipulation, degradation, and disturbing content. Reader discretion is advised.

Content Warnings

Triggers & Content: captivity, graphic violence, murder, parental neglect, parental death, suicide (of a secondary character in flashbacks), sex work, dubious consent, serial killer, stalking, graphic violence, domineering mother, anger issues, trauma in flashbacks, assassins, captivity, parental neglect, parental death, suicide (of a secondary character in flashbacks), age gap, drugs

Kinks: boot worship, breath play, confinement, crawling, degradation, dubious consent, electro play, face sitting, fear play, financial domination, fire play, forced orgasms, impact play, restraints, scarification, sensory deprivation, spit play, total power exchange, toys, primal play, restraints, spanking, virginity, voyeurism, water torture

Complete SeriesEach couple gets an HEA in their own book, but the secret club plot continues throughout the series.

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