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A series of dark, twisted romances, with alpha anti-heroes, strong heroines, plenty of angst, steam, spice, and guaranteed happily-ever-after endings!


Our agreement is simple: Heather will help me avenge my late mother by pretending to be a gift for the enemy. In return, I will keep her sister safe.


Heather’s life depends on me. I know that her training will lead her to the truth: the man who collars her can’t protect her from the darkness locked inside. I’m as dangerous to Heather as the enemy.


Heather was never meant to be more than an alluring gift. Resisting her shouldn’t be difficult, but she intrigues me, and that makes her more than a toy. 


But she is crucial to my revenge. As long as the enemy lives, she is mine to control. 




My cruel reputation precedes me. With tenure in my grasp, no student is foolish enough to think that I would put their success above my own. But that doesn’t stop Mara Slate from challenging me.


Mara sparks my curiosity. She’s strong. Determined. Passionate. With a secret desire to obey… She says she is interested in submission, but there is still so much she does not know. There are lessons I want to teach her.


It’s against the rules. We could lose everything. 


But I cannot resist her. I must make her mine.




I was her captor. Now, I’m her bodyguard.


Hazel is a damaged woman full of spitfire, who makes her hatred for me loud and clear. We were supposed to go our separate ways. Instead, we must team up to survive. And yet she fights me at every turn. 


Hazel isn’t just feisty. She’s a pain in the ass.


But when she confesses that she likes pain, that she needs it, I want to claim her. Mark her. Make her mine. 


Then a stalker starts hunting Hazel, and I can't risk temptation. Letting my guard down puts Hazel in greater danger. 


It will take everything I have, but I will stop at nothing to protect her.


Author’s Note: The Afterglow is a series of standalone dark romance books, each focusing on a different couple. His Toy is a captivity romance with a revenge plot; His Pet is a slow burn, age gap, forbidden romance; His Pain is an enemies-to-lovers romance with lots of cursing. If you enjoy spicy dark romances, then you will love this series!

Content Warnings

Triggers & Content: age gap, captivity, clear consent, forbidden love (teacher/student), missing sibling, parental death (disease), physical abuse (of the antihero by a caregiver), pushing limits with safe words, sadistic antihero, stalker (by a secondary character), trauma (child neglect of heroines by parents, accidental manslaughter of friend)

Kinks: abduction fantasy, clear consent, consensual non consent, crawling, degradation, high protocol, impact play, pet play, restraints, voyeurism

Complete SeriesEach couple gets an HEA in their own book, but the secret club plot continues throughout the series.

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