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The complete mafia romance series full of plot twists, alternative spice, disturbing darkness, and Happily-Ever-Afters!

Dangerous Deviance

She’s my gift. My captive.

My brother finds her alone in the woods. A vulnerable, exposed trespasser without any memories. We should kill her, but since I have always wanted to play god, she’s given to me. A sensual offering.

I control her. Manipulate her. Teach her to be my plaything, no matter what torture waits for her in the shadows.

But then I find out who she really is, and it’s too late. It doesn’t matter if I’ve fallen for her; she’s dangerous to my family.

I have to destroy her.

Dangerous Silence

I’ll keep my future wife in a cage.

I promised my mentor that I’d marry his daughter and protect her from our enemies. But at his funeral, his daughter and I agree to go our separate ways. It’s for the best.

But then she sees me kill an outsider. I have no choice but to keep her in my dungeon, locked in a cage. To force her to watch my sadistic tendencies.

Demi is infuriating, and so damn sure of herself. She has no idea who her father was, but the more I torture her—the more I take care of her—the harder I fall.

Demi is stronger than I ever imagined, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.

Even if that means destroying our future.

Dangerous Command

She’s guilty, but she’s still mine.

I’ve wanted Maddie since I first laid eyes on her. She always kept me at a distance, her unknown past a barrier between us.

But once my father is murdered, I know I need her help. The deeper we go, the darker our desires become, until my belt and boots become her sanctuary. It becomes harder and harder to resist making Maddie mine forever.

Then I find out her truth.

There’s danger lurking between us. Falling for her will destroy the mafia.

But I need Maddie completely. Her body. Her mind. Her future.

There is no other way.

Author’s Note: This complete series contains rough scenes, violence, manipulation, degradation, and content that some readers may find disturbing.

Content Warnings

Triggers & Content: assassin, brain washing, cult vibes, physical and sexual abuse (of multiple heroines by secondary characters, as well as abuse between family members, and abuse of one of the main male characters when he was a minor), trauma, sibling death, grief, memory loss, dubious consent, heroine with a child born from rape, graphic violence, murder, captivity, body mutilation, torture, virginity, age gap (15 years)

Kinks: boot worship, breath play, cigar play, confinement, dubious consent, fear play, gun play, impact play, knife play, on top of a corpse, restraints, scarification, sensory deprivation, toys, virginity

Complete SeriesEach couple gets an HEA in their own book, but the mafia plot continues throughout the omnibus. 

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