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My violent desires are harmless. 


My fantasy tends to scare most women away, but my daydreams never hurt anyone. 


When I find Mona, a mysterious artist with similar sensual needs, we indulge in roleplaying.


It seems like I found my dream girl. 


But while we grow closer, Mona’s desires become more extreme, and my primal cravings become harder to control. As her secrets are exposed, it’s increasingly difficult to tell right from wrong, hunter from prey.


I’m not actually supposed to hurt her, but then I realize Mona isn’t just playing along with my fantasies: she’s playing with me. 


And I refuse to be her toy.


Author’s Note: This is a horror story with explicit content. It slowly builds to a violent conclusion. An extended content list is located on the author’s website. Reader discretion is advised. 

Morsel eBook

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